About Me

kenneth-ericsonHello there! Nice to meet you here.

My name is Kenneth Ericson, but you can call me just Ken or Eric, whatever you want 😀

So, what is “Green for Life Blog?”

My life is fully experience about the green living, I also write many articles about these things. This blog is my other projects on sharing my knowledge also my experience. I was interested in what we know about the health, and therefore I want to share my experience in this site.

We have to know that many busy people just “life” and not thinking more about their life. So, what is the problem?

The problem is they’re didn’t know that their life is not only about to “work”, but they also need to enjoy their life and keep healthy. The goal is; don’t throw your money to the hospital! Got my point?

I love the green thing because it can make Me happy, and how about you? what are you thinking if you see the green house with full of beautiful green grass and the flower?

I can’t wait for your comments and input! Thanks


Thank You!


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