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1. Eating Every Few Hours Can Make Psychological Food Issues Worse

In essence , food was intended to provide we nutrients .We have found a way to make it was a wonderful experience , but when pleasure priority nutrition more , we can go to several a serious problem .So many ate in those emotions and addicted to food .Are we see to food to fill in the blanks in our lives , or we addicted to food , eat every few hours leave we think about what is just we eat , or consumed with what will we eat next .I remember a number of clients in early years i training personal expressed psychological issues with food .Look back , i have to kicking myself to show they ate each three to four hours .For some , i might make dependence psychological them on food far worse .

2.Eat every few hours usually results in more high in carbohydrates intakes 

Some carbohydrates fine .Too much is bad news to level of the body fat , health the heart , control blood sugar , the risk of cancer , and even chance develop disease of the brain degenerative as alzheimer .If you consider what the average person eating between breakfast and lunch , or between lunch and dinner , does not provide other meat and vegetables .This a snack bar , chips , cake , yogurt sweet , or carbohydrate filled other food .Most of the food it is not even available several decades ago .Even , when you see means of diet we have s changed over the years , we increased total calory intake us a little bit , but we had shifted diet us against more carbohydrates and a little fat , and we are already fat .As a recent study concluded: ‘ compliance common to recommendations diet the government to lower share fat of the total intake of food have accompanied with an increase in

3. Eating Every Few Hours is Less Effective for Maintaining and Building Muscle

After eating a high protein, the body will become more of a “muscle-building” state. It lasts for 4-6 hours, maybe longer.
Eat more food, especially more protein during this time, did not offer additional benefits.
One study showed that eating more protein, less frequently, resulting in effect build bigger muscles. [Ii]
Instead of eating 5-6 small meals a day, if we really want to influence our metabolism, we must take some of the load.

4. Fasting is Good For You.

Based on the research i read , my client guide and personal experience , i do not believe most people need to eat more than three times a day be active , fit and healthy .13.-tips-hidup-sehat-hidup-sehat


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